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As members of public safety, we are personally effected by the events of September 11, 2001. Thousands of Americans lost their lives or family members in the attacks on our country. In following with the traditions and honor of public safety,  we wish to give back to those who have served their communities. Therefore, we do not charge a fee to play at funeral services for any public safety personnel, past, present, career or volunteer. Due to the rising cost of fuel we only ask for donations to cover our travel.

We do not charge a fee for ACTIVE military.

We do reserve the right to not charge for private funerals on a case by case basis.




We will provide the following piping services for funerals

  • Music at the funeral home

  • Music at the Church

  • Music at the cemetery

All consideration will be given  to accommodate any family wishes.

Note* No requests for Graveside services will normally be honored at temperatures below 40 degrees. Exeptions made on a case by case basis.


K&R Bagpiping Enterprises  may provide any or all of the following:

 Flag folding, pipes and/or drums at the funeral home, pipes and/or drums at the church, pipes and/or drums at the graveside, parade ground dress inspections for attending funeral units, and marching instructions for attending funeral units .


Information required by K&R Bagpiping Enterprises

a.       Date and time of the Funeral

b.      Contact numbers for Funeral Director, Clergy, Agency Contact

c.       Location of the Funeral Home including Street Address

d.      Visiting Hours

e.       Location of the Service including Street Address

f.        Type of Service

g.       Location of the Cemetery including Street Address

h.       Line up date and time

i.         Processional requirements

j.        Post Funeral Activities


Tradition and Honor dictates that anytime hands touch the casket of a fallen comrade that pipes will be played. Adjustments to this may be made at the family’s request.



Contact numbers (207) 450-9839 or (207) 240-5438


 K&R Bagpiping Enterprises
73 Carignan Avenue
South Portland, Maine 04106